The OVRA Archives project focuses on the promotion, mediation
and networking of artists and their work.

Artists greatly reflect our social developement and contribute significantly in forming our cultural history. The artist initiated project OVRA Archives focuses on the promotion, mediation and networking of artists and their work since 2008.

Ovra is romansh and means oeuvre. OVRA Archives offers comprehensive services on archiving, a presentational and informational internet plattform, as well as mediation of the artists work through non-profit projects such as editions, artists talks and exhibitions.


In one or more viewings, OVRA Archives evaluates the state of the work and available material: what has already been archived,what needs to be collected and what needs to be done? Through this evaluation a timeframe and archiving concept can be specifically developed and tailored to the needs of the individual artist and his or her work.


The annual membership fee is 120.00 € (10 € / month) and includes the following services:

  • - direct URL artist address
  • - individual ArtPlus account for uploading
  • - inclusion in the ARTIST module and admission of the artworks in the WORKS module
  • - comission to produce an OVRA EDITION
  • - free consultative services
There is a one time account setup fee of 25 €.

After membership has been approved and payment has been received, each artist receives his/her own password for their private account. The artist is then immediately able to start compiling his/her data with the Artplus© Software. The first upload is inserted into our online databank within 10 working days.

Members are expected to publish biografical information and at least 10 individual works.

All artwork and content of this website © the artists and OVRA Archives. - top


Applicants are expected to be professional accredited artists, having an independent body of work with documented exhibition activities. The artist is evaluated on the following criteria:

The artist has
  • - completed a professional artistic education and/or
  • - has received awards, scholarships, grants, residencies and/or
  • - has artwork represented in private or public collections and institutions and/or
  • - has completed projects and/or exhibitions, documented by various publications.
    - top


An artist interested in applying for a membership to OVRA Archives is requested to submit a digital documentation of his or her work to:

The documentation should contain a complete biography with images of new works including descriptions.

OVRA Archives does not accept portfolios on CD or any other physical form.

In General, the jury of OVRA Archives will review applications within 14 working days upon receipt.
OVRA Archives does not comment a negative decision. Artists may reapply after 2 years. - top